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American University Park

American University Park is perhaps a unique neighborhood for housing a major university and its cultural perks...

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American University Park is perhaps a unique neighborhood for housing a major university and its cultural perks, but little of the associated noise. Groups of students head to nearby Spring Valley, Tenleytown and Georgetown for outings while AU Park’s small but steadfast crop of beloved restaurants maintains a reliable draw. Local celebrities including politicos and national TV news personalities make frequent appearances with little fanfare, eating and shopping shoulder to shoulder with residents. That’s the AU Park vibe: plenty of highlights, but more harmony than hubbub.

What to Expect

Urban tranquility and familiar faces.

AU Park’s streets are entirely residential, lined with tree-shaded sidewalks, smart picket fences, and back-alley spaces.

The neighborhood’s stock of Colonials and bungalows is built close together with front porches and interconnected front yards, so you’ll often find neighbors socializing or out strolling the neighborhood. AU Park is within walking distance of a cluster of restaurants, shops, and a Whole Foods, and is extremely convenient to Tenleytown Metro for commuting to work.

The Lifestyle:

Knowing and liking your neighbors.
The neighborly bonds are as close-knit as the houses here, fostered by the stability of a neighborhood where multiple generations live within blocks of each other. Residents tend to be welcoming and civic-minded, from organizing alley block parties to taking active part in neighborhood issues.

Unexpected Appeal:

Tiny footprints and a big sense of community.

The homes in AU Park can be rather small and traditional, but many residents have found creative ways to expand and update them.

There are no driveways or large yards, but street parking is relatively easy, and the whole residential neighborhood is one big playground for children.

The Market:

Small homes built close together.
The housing stock is mostly uniform in AU Park, consisting of brick two-story Colonials and bungalows built during roughly the same time period.

You'll Fall In Love With:

The friendliness and lack of pretension.

AU Park residents embrace the neighborhood’s simplicity and lack of ostentation. Back-alley barbecues, neighborhood get-togethers, and chance encounters on the sidewalk are part of the social fabric. With easy access to the rest of DC, AU Park is a convenient and welcoming place to call home.

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